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Google Maps is one of the most powerful and popular location search tools on the web. CQ5 now has a component to allow UC web sites to display an embedded map on their page, with the ability to customize the user's controls.

Getting Started:

UC Google Map Default

Click and drag the UC Google Map component from the General section of the sidekick, then reload the page using the button at the bottom of the sidekick.

Once added, you'll see the UC Google Map with the default configuration. Click "Edit," and you'll see some tabs you can use to configure the component.

Google Map:

UC Google Map configuration
  • Center Map Using: Choose "Freeform Address" unless you have extremely specific coordinates.
  • Width & Height: Define the dimensions of the map. By default, the component will take up the space of the column you place it in.
  • Map Type Control: Show or hide the view options.
  • Map Type: Select the view type that will appear initially.
  • Navigation Control: Show or hide the ability to pan & zoom.
  • Drag to pan: Yes or No, to allow the user to click & drag the map to pan.
  • Zoom Level: Define the initial zoom depth.
  • Mouse Wheel: Allow the user to zoom using the scroll wheel of his/her mouse.
  • Double click: Allow the user to zoom incrementally using double click.


UC Google Map location

What you see under this tab will change depending on your selection for "Center Map using," and unless you have extremely precise coordinates, you'll want to use Freeform Address. Fill in the address of the location you want your map to initially center on.

Pin & Balloon:

UC Google Map Pin

This tab allows you to specify if your user sees a pin and/or a text balloon. You'll also see a space that looks just like the UC Text component, and this is how you define what will go inside of the text ballon on the map.

Sample UC Google Map:

This map is the result of the configuration shown in the above screenshots.

Component Functions:

  • Center Map Using...
  • Width & Height
  • Map Type
  • Navigation Control
  • Drag, Pan, Zoom controls

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