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UC Image Rotator


The UC Image Rotator is a great tool for creating a photo slideshow on your page. It will allow your user to select through thumbnails, or simply let the slideshow play. See an example of an Image Rotator on the Undergraduate Admissions website.

Getting Started:

Creating an Image Rotator is a two-step process.

  1. First, an Image Rotator Contact Sheet must be created. It stores the images, links, titles and captionsto be displayed on the "host" page.
  2. Second, the host page will have a Lens component, which will reference the Image Rotator Contact Sheet.

Important Note: If the contact sheet is not formatted properly, or if the contact sheet fails to exist, the host page will not display properly. Within CQ, an error message will be displayed (e.g., "Error during include of component '/apps/uc/components/lenses/bxSlider'"). Within the browser, the page may appear totally blank.

Creating a Contact Sheet
Image Rotator Lens 2.0