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Image Rotator Lens 2.0


With a Contact Sheet created for your rotator's images, the UC Image Rotator Lens will allow you to implement them into a slideshow that your user can navigate through. There are several controls within the lens that allow you to make it suitable for use on any page.

Getting Started:

Click and drag Image Rotator Lens 2.0 from the Lenses section of the sidekick, then click "Edit."

The most important field here is the "Contact Sheet Location," which is how you point the lens to the rotator items you created. The rest of the fields are explained in the edit dialog; this is open for experimentation, but for a quick reference on what will look nice, read this FAQ page.

The second tab is the Default Image configuration, which will be seen if a user does not have a modern web browser or has JavaScript disabled.

Component Functions:

  • Transition Time
  • Contact Sheet Location
  • Image Background Color
  • Thumbnail Background Color
  • Thumbnail Border Color
  • Thumbnail Height
  • Default Image (No JS)
    • Image Location
    • Alt Text
    • Description
    • Link
    • Title

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