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News Ticker


The News Ticker component allows you to display either an RSS feed or select items from a contact sheet in a rotating bar like the one above.

Getting Started:

Drag News Ticker from the sidekick to get started. Click the "Edit" button in the blue bar, and begin by adding either the URL of the RSS feed that you will use or input the correct path to the appropriate contact sheet within CQ that will house the content for your ticker.

If you are using an RSS feed, the RSS options can be found in the "RSS Feed Options" tab. From there, you can control number of items to display, images, etc. (Note: the current RSS feed is displaying Bearcats athletics information from

Contact sheet information can be modified in the "Contact Sheet Options" tab. From the Contact Sheet Options tab, you can specify tags, on-off times and images.

Timing, pause on hover and other ticker options can be modified within the "Slider Options" tab.