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The Reference component is a simple tool, yet when used properly, can reduce your workflow dramatically. It allows you to bring content from another page in CQ dynamically, and without re-creating it.

Getting Started:

Click and drag the Reference component from the general section to get started.

Empty Reference component

Click and drag the Reference component from the General section of the sidekick onto your page. Double-click this icon, and you'll see a dialog box that says "Reference." Click the down arrow to select your reference.


On the left, navigate to the page you'd like to reference. The right portion of the window will display thumbnail previews of the components on that page. Choose one, and it will now display on your new page as well.

Referencing components helps save time by simply recycling components that you'd like to use on more than one page of your site. It can also help you create familiarity between the pages of your site, which benefits your user.

Component Functions:

  • Reference any component on a page in CQ and display it on another.

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