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Social Media Bar


Social networking is an important part of creating a broad and accessible web presence. With the Social Media Bar, you can have quick and simple links to your networking pages from your CQ site.

Getting Started:

Click and drag the Social Media Bar component from the General section of the sidekick into the region of the page you'd like it placed, then click "Edit."

There are two tabs that allow you to control what links are available: Links and Visibility. In the Links tab, you'll define the location (or function) of each icon. There are a couple rules to follow when configuring this component:

  • Usernames should be entered in a case-sensitive manner.
  • Email addresses must be formatted properly before the component will save changes.
  • URLs must begin with "http://" before the component will save changes.

For each service, there is already an icon in the system to be displayed and appropriately linked.

By default, when a field is properly filled in the Links tab, it will display in the component. Fields without an entry will not be present on the page.

In order to manually control the icons that are seen, the Visibility tab has a dropdown menu for each service that will allow you to set a certain service's icon as "Hidden," even when its field is filled.

Sample Social Media Bar:

This Social Media Bar is referenced from the Admissions page; its configuration is shown in the above screen shots.

Component Functions:

  • Links
  • Visibility

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