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Live Feed from Twitter


The Live Feed Component allows authors to display a live Twitter feed directly on their page. The feed can display tweets from one account, multiple accounts, or specific hashtags.

Getting Started

To begin, drag and drop a Live Feed Component into the page. (IMPORTANT NOTE: when editing a Live Feed Component in CQ, it is not uncommon for the screen you are editing to go completely white. If this happens, simply refresh your browser.) Initially, the Live Feed will be pre-populated with a generic “Cincinnati” search. Click the component to begin editing.

  • Speed of refresh (in milliseconds): Controls the speed at which your feed will refresh. Try to avoid having your feed refresh too often as this can bog down the browser. Also remember this is measured in milliseconds, so for example, refreshing a feed once every minute would require a speed of 60,000 milliseconds.
  • Number of items to show: Controls number of tweets appearing in your feed.
  • Size of User Image (in px): Determines Twitter account’s avatar size (default size is 50 px).
  • Search term (username, hashtag or general search term): Add accounts (e.g., @UCWebcomm) or hashtags (e.g., #UCTour) to display in your feed. To add multiple accounts, separate entries with the word “OR” (all caps) as illustrated in the screenshot.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: using hashtags or general search terms such as “Cincinnati” or “Bearcats” will display non-UC tweets and may yield undesired results.


Sample Live Feed Component from Twitter