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Pop-Up Slideshow


The Pop-Up Slideshow function is an option in the UC Image and UC Text & Image components. It gives your Web visitors an option to view images in a larger format.

Getting Started:

The Pop-Up Slideshow function is an option in the "Advanced Tab" in any UC Image or UC Text & Image component. In the Advanced tab, scroll to the bottom and open the "Pop-Up Slideshow" option.

Simply by selecting Enabled, you've allowed your user to click on the image to view a full-size version, with the rest of the page dimmed in the background. We call this the "Gallery View."

Also, as the name suggests, it's the easiest way to make a quick slideshow on your page. If more than one image on the page has this function enabled, left and right arrows will display in the Slideshow for navigation, and a "Start / Stop Slideshow" button will display below the image.


  • Pop-Up Slideshow only works with images uploaded to the DAM. This should be the standard method for all image uploads.
  • Once you've enabled Pop-Up Slideshow, your crop function affects only the thumbnail; the full image uploaded to DAM will display when clicked.

Sample Pop-Up Slideshow:

Here's a quick example of how you can use the Pop-Up Slideshow on your page. Simply format the thumbnails the way you like, then in the edit dialog choose Enable.

Component Functions:

  • Gallery View
  • Pop-Up Slideshow

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