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UC Navigation List


The UC Navigation List component allows you to create a customized list of links in the style of the recursive navigation on the left. There are several ways to implement this component.

Getting Started:

Drag UC Navigation List from the sidekick to get started.

empty UC List component

Click and drag UC Navigation list from the Other section of the sidekick onto your page. After inserting the component, double-click this icon to edit. From this screen, you'll be able to define what populates the list, how long it is, and how the links are displayed.

  • Display as: Currently, links is the only configuration.
  • Limit: Enter an integer value for how many links you would like to display
  • Build list using one of three methods:
  • Child pages: Define a page in CQ and the list will be built using the pages underneath that node.
  • Search: Define a search term and  location, and the list is built using the search results.
  • Fixed List: Create your own custom static list.
  • Order by: Choose from Creation Date, Modification Date, Template type, or alphabetically by page title.


When creating a list using Child Pages, you'll be asked to provide a Parent Page. Start by entering "/content/" and from there you'll see a dropdown menu. The menu only appears when the path you're entering ends in a "/" (backslash).

Sample UC Navigation List:

UC List from Admissions

This is a list with the UC Admissions page as its parent. The benefit to using this component over creating fixed lists in UC Text is that these are dynamic. Once this list is given a parent page (or search term), it will always be up-to-date with changes or additions.

Component Functions:

  • Display style
  • Limit
  • Build list using...
    • Child pages
    • Search
    • Fixed List
  • Order By...

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