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UC Recursive Navigation


With the UC Recursive Navigation component, CQ Users need not concern themselves with having a consistent site navigation. While only site designers have access to the controls, it's important to understand its function.

The navigation that appears on the left of every CQ page gets updated with each new page and reflects only the site the user is currently in. This is accomplished by the UC Recursive Navigation component. The component takes the navigation you've set up in the CQ GUI for your site and formats it to be consistent with the rest of the University's CQ sites. And because of where the component is placed in design mode, it only needs to be added to the root node; all of the child pages inherit the navigation.

If you're authoring a complex site, the inheritance can be broken. In Author mode, above the UC Recursive Navigation a title reads "Inherited Paragraphs." Clicking "Edit" next to this will allow you to break the inheritance for that page and all of its child pages.

Component Functions:

  • Creates a left-side navigation consistent with all other UC sites.
  • Navigation is inherited to all child pages

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