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When creating a lengthy page, you have the ability to add Anchors to your text in order to create links that simply send the user's web browser to a specific point on the page.

Getting Started:

Open up the Edit dialog on any UC Text or UC Text & Image component, and go to the Text tab. Select the text that will be the target of the link, and click the small anchor icon in the editing toolbar.

Anchor Title

A new window will open, and here you'll define the anchor title. Click OK, and in the Text edit dialog you should see a small anchor next to the text you had selected. If you ever forget the title you gave to an anchor, you can select this and click the anchor icon in the toolbar.

Link to anchor

The last step is to create a hyperlink to the anchor location. To do this, select text and click the hyperlink button in the toolbar. Instead of entering a URL or page location, simply enter "#title"

For example, if the anchor's title is "samples," you'll enter "#samples" (without the quotation marks) in the "Link to:" field.