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UC Text & Image


If the page you're building will alternate between text and image content, you can consolidate the number of components you use by utilizing the UC Text & Image Component. This is also the method for creating text that wraps around images.

Getting Started:

Empty UC Text & Image

Click and drag this component from the 'General' Components in the Sidekick. You'll see these two gray icons, which denote an empty UC Text & Image Component. Double-click these to open the Edit Component window. The controls inside of here should be familiar if you've already worked with the UC Text and UC Image components.


If the image is aligned to the Top, it will center in the component's space above the text. When aligned left or right, the text will wrap around the image in the remaining horizontal space.

This text and the image to the right were placed with the UC Text & Image component, with the image aligned Right and the Pop-up Slideshow Enabled.

The Text tab of the Edit Dialog has every function available in UC Text. Be conscious of the relationship between the length of your copy and the size of your image.

The Image tab of the Edit Dialog contains the same controls as UC Image. If you're cropping an image and you have Pop-Up Slideshow Enabled, note that you're only cropping the thumbnail that will show on the page; the full DAM image will be shown when clicked.

The new text and image, originally used by the business school, gives you the option of no image at all. This componenet will replace the old Text and Image component and will make the current Text component obsolete. 


Component Functions:

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