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Photo Policies

How do I purchase photography?

All images taken by UC photographers are owned by the university and managed by the university’s Creative Services department. Units of the university purchase the right to use UC images in a number of ways:

  1. Assignment Photography
    Hiring a UC photographer to fulfill a specific request.
  2. UC Stock Photography
    Purchasing the right to use an existing image.
  3. Free Photography
    Downloading one or more of the stock images provided courtesy of Public Relations funding.
Additionally, the use of professional photos taken by the author or a colleague is permissible for use on the site(s), and the use of close-up student and visitor photos is permissible with permission.

Why is there a charge for photography?

UC Creative Services was established to offer high-quality, professional services (photography, videography, graphic design and editorial services) to the UC community at below-market rates. UC Creative Services is a team of designers, photographers and editors and operates as a “cost-recovery” department. General university funds do not support the salaries and benefits of our designers and photographers. We recover those funds by charging fees.

Can't I just copy images I find online?

Do not copy and paste photos from UC websites or grab an image from the CMS “DAM:”

  • Images found online are not high enough quality for print production, nor are they sized correctly for your web needs. When you pay for an image or hire a UC photographer, you are assured of receiving both print- and web-quality versions appropriate for your specifications.
  • Images copied online cannot be managed. Paying for the right to use an image provides you with a reasonable expectation that the image will not appear in numerous locations and on multiple publications across the university. In most cases, we do not release images for stock purchase until 3-6 months after the original assignment. In some cases, we can offer an exclusive rights agreement. In all cases, we manage the usage of each image, preventing overuse.  

What should I do if someone copies one of my images?

Images stored in the CMS DAM can be tracked. Units should report abuse to Web Communications if they find that images they purchased are being copied.

Please contact Lisa Ventre for additional information.

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