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Uploading Assets

DAM icon

To add media content to your site, the file(s) must first be uploaded to the Digital Assets (DAM). Do not upload files directly to your CQ page.

In CQ, the DAM area can be accessed by clicking the camera icon found immediately after logging in, or along the top of any console view.

  1. Navigate to your site's folder in DAM.
    • It will be located in the same place as your site's root node in the Websites pane.
    • Each repository will have three folders to begin:
      • images,
      • docs and
      • media.
  2. Select the appropriate sub-folder folder in the upper-left-hand window.
  3. Click "New..." in the toolbar along the top. (To add a folder, click the arrow beside the "New" option and choose "New Folder." Select the new folder and then click "New.") An "Upload Assets" window will open.
  4. Click "Browse..." in the Upload Assets window to choose the file(s) you want to upload. Multiple files can be selected, as seen in the image above.
    • Uploading large numbers of images at one time and/or high resolution images is not advised; be sure to read the Compressing Images page to ensure that your images are appropriate for the Web before you upload them to DAM.
  5. After you've uploaded your assets, double-click to open the Asset Dialog. Here, you'll be able to change the asset's properties: define a Title, enter a Description, or define Tags for the asset. It's good practice to add a title and description, as certain components will allow you to display this information on your page.
  6. Do not activate the image. Once you complete the page which uses the image, you'll activate the page, which will prompt activation of the image as well.
  7. Now, go to the page where the image will be placed. Within the component on your page, navigate through the DAM to your image location.
  8. Drag the image onto the image icon within your component.

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