What browser should CQ Authors use?

Important Note Regarding Firefox 3.6

Sometime in early May, Mozilla will attempt to automatically upgrade all Firefox 3.6 browsers to Firefox 12. (Read more in this article from Computer World) The current version of Adobe CQ (5.3) is not compatible with versions of Firefox newer than version 3.6, so it is imperative that you follow the steps below as soon as possible to avoid an automatic upgrade to Firefox 12.

If users want to keep Firefox 3.6, they must disable updates before the May auto-upgrade. To disable the auto-upgrade on Windows devices:

  • Click the “Tools” link in the upper-left-hand corner of your Firefox Browser,
  • Select "Options" from the Tools menu,
  • Click the "Advanced" tab,
  • Clear the box marked "Firefox" under the heading "Automatically check for updates."

 (On a Mac, the same dialog can be brought up by selecting "Preferences" from the Firefox menu.)

According to Adobe, once we upgrade to the newest version of Adobe CQ (version 5.5) on July 17, we should be able to use the most current version of Firefox, but until that time, it is imperative that you follow the above instructions to avoid an automatic upgrade.

Please contact CQSupport@uc.edu if you have any questions.


Firefox 3.6 is the preferred browser.

Download Firefox 3.6

If by chance you have already inadvertently upgraded your Firefox Browser to Firefox 12, please download and install Firefox 3.6 using the appropriate link below: