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How do I prepare photos for use in the Image Rotator?

It's very easy to resize and/or crop an image from within CQ5, but using the Image Rotator requires a bit of foresight. Here is what you should consider:

The Image Rotator is intended to work with images of identical dimensions.

This means that you'll need to determine what size your rotator will be, and crop your images accordingly before uploading to DAM. If you aren't familiar with a tool to crop and resize images, here's a guide to our recommended options.

The Image Rotator Lens will fill the horizontal space it is provided.

This means that there is no one proper size to make your rotator. With that in mind, here are the two most common sizes we've seen used so far.

When using the Content Page template,

  • Typically, to fill the main content area, your images should be 760 pixels wide.
  • Typically, to fill a 70% portion of a column control, your images should be 490 pixels wide.

If your site has a unique design, you'll have to experiment with a single image first to find out how wide it should be.

DAM will display image dimensions.

If your site already has a rotator, you can use the folder of images for reference - the photo dimensions display in the columns to the right.

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