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Off-Campus Access Using VPN

If you are attempting to access CQ5 from an off-campus location, you will need to connect to the UC Network using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

Begin by logging in to the Secure Access SSL VPN ( using your Central Login Service Credentials (CLS).


After you have successfully logged in, be sure to click the Start button in the Network Connect table:


Your VPN session time will typically last 4 hours from the time you initially logged in. Some users have noticed some performance issues with CQ5 when using a wireless connection. If a wired connection is available, we recommend using it to improve performance.

More information regarding VPN is available on the University of Cincinnati Information Technologies (UCIT) site.

Call the UCIT Help Desk at 513-556-4357 with installation or general questions about the SSL VPN. The Help Desk also can determine - over the phone - whether there are communication problems with the SSL VPN access. Problems that cannot be resolved immediately will be escalated to the Network Operations Center (NOC) for resolution.