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About UC
http://www.uc.edu/about.html Kerry Overstake Jeremy Martin
Academic & Advising Services http://www.uc.edu/aas Alex Brogaard   AEM
Academic Excellence & Support Services (AESS) http://www.uc.edu/aess Greg Crase   AEM
Academic Health Center http://medcenter.uc.edu Richard Puff   Proprietary
Academic Health Center http://health.uc.edu/ Richard Puff   Proprietary
Academic Health Center Finance & Administration http://mcfa.uc.edu/ Josette Riep    
Academic Health Center News http://healthnews.uc.edu Richard Puff   Proprietary
Academics, SLP http://www.uc.edu/academics/ Kerry Overstake Jeremy Martin AEM
Administration and Finance Division http://www.uc.edu/af/ Lindsey Dolan   AEM
Administration and Finance - Campus Svcs http://www.uc.edu/af/campusservices.html
Cathy Barnes   AEM
Admissions http://admissions.uc.edu Linden Spalding   AEM
Advising, Registrar http://www.uc.edu/registrar/advising John "Ned" Donnelly   AEM
Aerospace Engineering http://aerospace.ceas.uc.edu Robert Ogden   AEM
African American Cultural & Resource Center (AACRC) http://www.uc.edu/aacrc

Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins

Allied Health Sciences, College of (CAHS) http://www.cahs.uc.edu/ Kaitlyn Maxwell   Sitefinity
Alumni Association http://www.uc.edu/alumni/ Tyler Roe   AEM
Arts and Sciences, McMicken College of (A&S) http://www.artsci.uc.edu/ Julie Campbell   AEM
Athletics, SLP http://www.uc.edu/athletics/ Kerry Overstake Jeremy Martin AEM
Bearcat Card http://www.uc.edu/bearcatcard Cathy Barnes   AEM
Blackboard http://blackboard.uc.edu Paul Foster Leslie McCoy;
Deb Brandenburg
Bursar, Office of the http://www.uc.edu/bursar Ken Wolterman Ray Kimmel AEM
Business, College of (CoB) http://business.uc.edu/ Ethan Burgmann Business.Web@uc.ed AEM
Campus Rec Center http://www.uc.edu/campusrec.html Cathy Barnes   AEM
CECH PASS http://www.uc.edu/cechpass.html Deatra Greene-Ndiaye   AEM
Center for Community Engagement (CCE) http://www.uc.edu/cce Fran Larkin   AEM
Center for Criminal Justice Research http://www.uc.edu/ccjr.html John Schwartz
Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning
Bryan Smith    
Center for Exploratory Studies http://www.uc.edu/explore/ Julie Campbell   AEM
CERI, Professional Practice http://www.uc.edu/propractice/ceri Cheryl Cates   AEM
Cincinnati Diabetes & Obesity Center http://diabetes.uc.edu Dama Ewbank   Sitefinity
Cincinnati Online http://online.uc.edu/ Michele Ralston   AEM
Clermont College http://www.ucclermont.edu/ Mae Hanna
Coeus http://www.uc.edu/coeus.html Christine Jones   Sitefinity
College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) http://ccm.uc.edu Curt Whitacre   AEM
Commencement http://www.uc.edu/commencement.html Melva Karnes   AEM
Community & Business Home http://www.uc.edu/connect.html Jeremy Martin   AEM
Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) http://www.uc.edu/cel.html Mike Sharpe   AEM
Commuter Student Essentials


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Ned Donnelly   AEM
Conferencing & Event Services http://www.uc.edu/eventservices.html Cathy Barnes   AEM
Continuing Education http://www.uc.edu/ce.html Catherine O'Hara   AEM
Convocation http://www.uc.edu/convocation.html Melva Karnes  Greg Crase
Co-op, Professional Practice http://www.uc.edu/propractice/uccoop Jill Flood   AEM
Counseling Center http://www.uc.edu/counseling.html Andrea Herman   AEM
Corrections Institute http://www.uc.edu/corrections.html John Schwartz   AEM
CQ Support Site http://www.uc.edu/cms.html Kerry Overstake Jeremy Martin AEM
DAAP, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning http://daap.uc.edu Michael Zaretsky   AEM
DAAPSpace http://daapspace.daap.uc.edu Patricia Kucker   AEM
Degree Programs http://www.uc.edu/DegreePrograms/ Adrian Hall
Jamie Byrne Custom
Directory http://ucdirectory.uc.edu/ John Weber   Custom
Disability Services http://www.uc.edu/aess/programs_services/disability.html Greg Crase   AEM
Distance Learning http://www.uc.edu/distance Melody Clark   AEM
Diversity & Inclusion
http://www.uc.edu/inclusion.html Kathy Riehley   AEM
Drug Discovery Center http://www.drugdiscovery.uc.edu/ Ruben Papoian Dama Ewbank Sitefinity
E-Curriculum http://www.uc.edu/ecurriculum Adrian Hall Paul Schmidt Custom App
Emily Baute
Marie Knecht
E-Media, CCM http://ccm.uc.edu/emedia Jeni Vanlandingham   AEM
Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services, College of (CECH) http://cech.uc.edu Brian Verkamp
Engineering & Applied Sciences, College of (CEAS) http://ceas.uc.edu Nate Jorgensen   AEM
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) http://ehs.uc.edu Jan Utrecht Jan Utrecht Custom
Ethnic Programs & Services (EPS) http://www.uc.edu/eps.html Brandi Elliott   AEM
Experience-Based Learning & Career Education http://www.uc.edu/careereducation.html Suzanne Schindler    
Evaluation Services Center


Audra Morrison   AEM
Event Services


Cathy Barnes   AEM
Faculty & Staff http://www.uc.edu/employees/ Kerry Overstake
Jeremy Martin AEM
Faculty Assembly http://www.uc.edu/facultyassembly.html Patty Gilbert   AEM
Faculty Senate http://www.uc.edu/facultysenate Ancel Baxley   AEM
Financial Aid http://financialaid.uc.edu Randy Ulses   AEM
First Year Experience (FYE) http://www.uc.edu/fye.html Pam Person   AEM
Food http://www.uc.edu/food Cathy Barnes   AEM
Foundation http://www.uc.edu/foundation Tyler Roe
GSGA http://www.uc.edu/gsga.html Courtney Reynolds   AEM
Gen Ed, General Education Core http://www.uc.edu/gened/ Adrian Hall   AEM
Go Bearcats http://gobearcats.com Ryan Koslen   custom
Graduate Programs https://webapps.uc.edu/DegreePrograms
Megan Tischner   Custom
Graduate School http://www.grad.uc.edu Megan Tischner Megan Tischner AEM
Help http://www.uc.edu/help/ Kerry Overstake Jeremy Martin custom
Housing http://www.uc.edu/housing Cathy Barnes   AEM
Hoxworth Blood Center http://www.hoxworth.org   Alecia Lipton AEM
Human Resources http://www.uc.edu/hr/ Michael Williams Ashley Varol AEM
Information Security http://www.uc.edu/infosec.html Matt Williams    
Intern, Professional Practice http://www.uc.edu/propractice/intern Zach Osborne   AEM
Institute for Crime Science http://www.uc.edu/ics.html John Schwartz   AEM
iStart https://ioffice.uc.edu/ Ron Cushing   Custom
Jobs at UC jobs.uc.edu Debbie Hatke   3rd Party
Judicial Affairs http://www.uc.edu/conduct.html Daniel Cummins   AEM
Just Community http://www.uc.edu/justcommunity.html Debbie Weinstein   AEM
Kingsgate http://www.uc.edu/kingsgate.html Cathy Barnes   AEM
Language Resource Center http://www.uc.edu/languagelab.html Emmanuel Wilson
Law, College of http://www.law.uc.edu/ Sherry English   Contribute
LGBTQ http://www.uc.edu/lgbtq.html Barb Rinto   AEM
Libraries http://libraries.uc.edu Lisa Haitz
Magazine http://magazine.uc.edu/ John Bach   AEM
MainStreet http://www.uc.edu/mainstreet.html Cathy Barnes   AEM
Medicine, College of http://med.uc.edu Jenifer Milard Richard Puff Sitefinity
Metabolic Diseases Institute http://mdi.uc.edu Dama Ewbank   Joomla
Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center http://www.uc.edu/labs/mmpc.html Erin Bartley    
New Student Orientation (NSO) http://www.uc.edu/orientation.html Jay Kreimer;
Otis Pippins
News http://www.uc.edu/news/ M.B. Reilly   AEM & E-News
Nursing, College of http://nursing.uc.edu/ Laura Toerner
conmarketing@uc.edu AEM
One Stop http://onestop.uc.edu Trenee Johnson
Pathways http://www.uc.edu/pathways.html Alex Brogaard    
Parents Association http://www.uc.edu/parents.html Charlie Scruggs
Suzette Combs
Parking Services http://www.uc.edu/parking Cathy Banres   AEM
Pharmacy, College of http://pharmacy.uc.edu/ Asif Riaz    
Policies, Procedures & Manuals http://www.uc.edu/about/policies.html Kerry Overstake Jeremy Martin
Pre-Professional Advising (PPAC) http://www.uc.edu/preproadvising.html Veronica Joiner   AEM
President, Office of the http://www.uc.edu/president/ Marianne Kunnen-Jones   AEM
Provost http://www.uc.edu/provost/ April Poteet   AEM
Public Safety, Police, Emergency Services http://www.uc.edu/publicsafety/ Diane Brueggemann   AEM
QARG http://www.uc.edu/orgs/qarg.html Krista Smilek   AEM
Registrar, Office of the http://www.uc.edu/registrar Doug Burgess Wendy Lambig;
Fran Meyer
Resident Education & Developmnet http://www.uc.edu/resed Trent Pinto   AEM
Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program http://www.uc.edu/mcnair.html Bryan Wright   AEM
Scholars http://www.uc.edu/scholars/ Kerry Overstake Jeremy Martin AEM
School of Advanced Structures (SAS), CEAS http://sas.ceas.uc.edu/ Tom Curtis   AEM
Search Issues http://search.uc.edu/ Ben Stockwell    
Semester Conversion http://www.uc.edu/conversion.html M.B. Reilly   AEM
Senior Class http://www.uc.edu/seniorclass.html Debbie Weinstein Debbie Weinstein AEM
Senior Year Experience (SYE) http://www.uc.edu/sye.html Debbie Weinstein   AEM
Sponsored Research Services http://www.srs.uc.edu/
Christine Jones    
Spotlights http://www.uc.edu/spotlight.html Kerry Overstake Jeremy Martin AEM
Student Achievement in Research and Scholarship (STARS) http://www.uc.edu/stars.html Bryan Wright   AEM
Student Activities & Leadership Development (SALD) http://www.uc.edu/sald.html Nicole Mayo
Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget (SACUB) http://www.uc.edu/sacub.html Debbie Weinstein   AEM
Student Affairs and Services Division http://www.uc.edu/sas/ Debbie Weinstein   AEM
Summer Session http://www.uc.edu/summer.html April Poteet
Surgery, Dept. of (Intranet) http://webcentral.uc.edu/surgery/ Brett Harnett   Custom
Testing Services http://www.uc.edu/testingservices.html Paula Doughman   AEM
Trademarks & Licensing http://www.uc.edu/licensing.html Marty Ludwig   AEM
Trustees, Board of http://www.uc.edu/trustees.html Nicole Blount Ben Hofstetter AEM
UC Bicentennial http://www.uc.edu/bicentennial.html Marianne Kunnen-Jones   AEM
UC Blue Ash College (formerly Raymond Walters College) http://www.ucblueash.edu/ Alex Souders
UC Cancer Institute http://cancer.uc.edu Amanda Harper   Sitefinity
UC International http://www.uc.edu/international.html Natalie Ochman   AEM
UC LEAF http://www.uc.edu/orgs/ucleaf.html Jessica Donovan    
UC is Listening http://www.feedback.uc.edu/ Dom Ferreri   Other
UC News http://magazine.uc.edu/news.html MB Reilly Kerry Overstake AEM
UC Research http://www.uc.edu/ucResearch/ Dama Ewbank Kerry Overstake AEM
UCAAMP http://www.uc.edu/ucaamp.html Nicole Mayo    
UCIT http://www.uc.edu/ucit.html Emily Baute   AEM
Undergraduate Academic Advising Association (UCUAADA) http://www.uc.edu/ucuaada.html Debbie Weinstein   AEM
University Communications, GRUC http://www.uc.edu/ucomm Kerry Overstake Jeremy Martin AEM
University Health Services (UHS) http://www.uc.edu/uhs Lisa Trump John Andrews M.D.
University Honors Program http://www.uc.edu/honors Debbie Brawn Tricia Yee AEM
University Ombuds http://www.uc.edu/ombuds.html Debbie Weinstein   AEM
Upward Bound http://www.uc.edu/upwardbound Wilbert Pleasant   AEM
Veteran's Programs & Services http://www.uc.edu/aess/vps.html Greg Crase   AEM
Virtual Career Fair http://www.virtual-careerfair.net/uc/ Patti Carroll   custom
Visitors page http://www.uc.edu/visitors.html Kerry Overstake Jeremy Martin AEM
Web Applications, UCIT https://webapps.uc.edu Paul Schmidt, UCIT   Custom App
Welcome Weekend http://www.uc.edu/welcomeweekend.html Debra Merchant Greg Crase;
Sha-kim Ray
Wellness http://www.uc.edu/wellness Regan Jonhson Erica Forrest AEM
Women's Center (UCWC) http://www.uc.edu/ucwc.html Barb Rinto Brandy Turnbow
Women's Initiative Network (WIN) http://www.uc.edu/win.html Barb Rinto   AEM
Women's Risk Needs Assessment http://www.uc.edu/womenoffenders.html John Schwartz   AEM
Zoo http://www.uc.edu/zoo.html Kerry Overstake Jeremy Martin AEM



Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education

Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center

Deatra Greene-Ndiaye
Suzanne Schindler