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Websites - Basic Authoring

The websites console will allow you to create and edit your site's pages. You'll see the folder tree containing your site on the left, and selecting a node will display its children on the right. Along the top, you'll see controls and information columns.




Click "New" to add a page beneath the selected node.



Use "Move" to reorganize or rename pages.

copy paste delete

Copy / Paste / Delete

Basic page management controls

activate deactivate

Activate / Deactivate

Control what gets published (Activated pages are live)


Title The title that appears on the page
Name The name CQ5 refers to the page. Also used in the page's URL.
Published Indicates whether the page has been published and provides the publication date and time.
Modified Indicates whether the page has been modified and provides the modification date and time. In order to save any modifications, you must activate the page.
Template Indicates the template used for the page.

You can choose what columns appear by hovering over one of the column titles and clicking on the arrow that appears.