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Release Notes: 1.5.19

Package 1.5.19 - 20 May 2014

Updates & Additions:

  • New Image Crop option for UC Image, UC TextImage, SpotlightItem.
  • New CSS file containing UC Button Styles.
  • UC Button Visual Changes.
  • Design Path is not necessary for Base Responsive. Styles are loaded by default.
  • Option for black text color on UC Accordion.
  • New option for Department Title for BaseResponsive and Global Templates.
  • Nursing Template Copyright Change.
  • CQ Welcome Page now has UC CQ Support option.
  • New Contact Sheet for UC CMS News Items for the Welcome Page.
  • New CQ News will be displayed on the CQ Welcome Page.
  • Base Responsive Design Changes.
  • Base960Advanced Design Changes.
  • RSSFeedLens additions.
  • Visual Changes to UCList.
  • Magazine template Design Changes.