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Release Notes: 1.5.22

Package 1.5.22 - 1 July 2014

Updates & Additions:

  • Print style layout changes.
  • Nav Style changes.
  • Rss Feed Items will not display a "Read More" link.
  • RSS Feed Lens Character Encoding set to Windows-1252 to accomodate some symbols.
  • Magazine design changes.
  • CEAS GTM Code added.
  • Base Responsive Text Changes.
  • eProf - "Encyclopedia Article" added
  • eProf - cards view (2col) now responsive friendly
  • adjustments to responsive banner (centering vertically)
  • adjustments to sidebar navs in responsive
  • adjustments to global nav to accessibility
  • shuttle tracker on uc tools
  • adding delete button to footer
  • adding olf foot to admintools delete script (along wth UC title)
  • reponsive youtubecomponent - 10px padding below