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CQ5 WCM Basic Authoring


A three hour, in-class CQ Training course is offered monthly. Registration for this course can be found at

Additionally, UC's Business Core Systems currently offers an online, on-demand training. Instructions for accessing the course are included in the CQ5 Basic Authoring PDF. Please follow the instructions carefully, and if you have any questions about the training itself, contact Stephanie Schuckman.


Basic Author Training Resources:

* Basic Information (515.0 KB)
* Exercises (1.0 MB)
* Slideshow (4.1 MB)

CQ5 WCM Advanced Authoring


Advanced Author Training for the CQ5 system is conducted by Web Communications/UCIT.

Covers advanced components (e.g., rotator lens, multimedia embedding, Web content strategies, contact sheets and tagging).

Offered as needed. Contact for details.

CQ5 WCM Basic Developing


Developer Training is conducted on demand and is only available for larger units, which have previous experience with Web technologies. Strong experience is required in HTML, CSS, JS and the ability to work within an IDE. Familiarity with JQuery, JSP/Java, XML, RSS is recommended.

Contact for details.