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CQ5 WCM Basic Authoring

Thanks for your interest in gaining access to CQ to help us create and maintain a dynamic web presence at UC!

There are two types of basic CQ web authoring training available to UC employees:

  1. Instructor-led training in the classroom. Please register here, if interested.
  2. Online course training, available when you are!

Based on the initial and invaluable feedback in the pilot phase, we are now offering the new and improved on-demand training, available when you are able to take it! Please open and follow the instructions carefully, as your access depends on it!
NOTE: if you are having problems taking this course on your own desktop/laptop and have reviewed the technical requirements included in the attached PDF, we have learned it is then best to take it on a computer here on campus.

We would appreciate you invaluable feedback too! Please take 3 minutes at the end of the course to take the anonymous survey by take the anonymous survey*.

*Please use this link and not the link at the end of the course.


Basic Author Training Resources:

* Basic Information (515.0 KB)
* Exercises (1.0 MB)
* Slideshow (4.1 MB)

CQ5 WCM Advanced Authoring


Advanced Author Training for the CQ5 system is typically a one-on-one training conducted by Web Communications/UCIT.

Covers advanced components (e.g., rotator lens, multimedia embedding, Web content strategies, contact sheets and tagging).

Offered as needed. Contact for details.