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RSVP to Participate in Commencement

RSVP to Participate

If you are planning to participate in the upcoming  ceremonies, you will need to RSVP.  Look for a postal mailing to your local address and emails to your UC student email account for more information.

Remember, you must complete the Application for Graduation before you can RSVP for a Commencement ceremony.

If you are having trouble submitting your RSVP, here are 8 common errors:

  1. Look for the red words that explain the issues next to the missing or error question
  2. Missing the dashes (-) in the phone number
  3. Typed the email address different than the first time
  4. Used symbols or numbers in the ‘pronunciation box’
  5. Simply did not answer a question
  6. If entered 'employed' it requires a starting salary
  7. Used symbols in the salary amount (do not add symbols)
  8. Questions with an red '*' require an answer to the question