Academic Misconduct Review

During our 2017 Student Code of Conduct Review Cycle, we heard a lot of feedback that our academic misconduct process was difficult to understand and navigate for faculty and students. We heard you, and instead of trying to quickly make changes that may not have been much better than our current system, we have decided to put together a task force to do a deep dive into how we can improve this process. See below for the name of your college representative sitting on this task force, a form to provide your feedback at any time, and the dates for a focus group in your college! We look forward to partnering with you to improve our academic misconduct process. 

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2017 Academic Misconduct Task Force Members

Allied Health Katie Mosure
Arts and Sciences LaDreka Karikari
Business Jenn Wiswell
CCM Scott Lipscomb
DAAP Amberly Maryo
CECH Regina Sapona
CEAS Mark Bowers
Nursing Krista Maddox 
Pharmacy Andrea Wall
Blue Ash Greg Metz
Clermont Jenn Radt