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University Judicial Affairs Incident Reporting Procedure:

Non Academic Misconduct

Any person, department, organization or entity may file a complaint with the Office of University Judicial Affairs alleging a violation of the Student Code of Conduct by a student. Complaints filed against a student organization shall be filed in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development. A Public Safety citation constitutes a complaint.

To officially file a complaint, please click "Make a referral" link below to fill out the information for use by the Director of Judicial Affairs for the University of Cincinnati. You may be contacted in the interest of obtaining additional information and/or deciding upon whether action is to be taken by our office. All information is kept confidential and will only be used to determine the level of responsibility of the alleged violator of the Student Code of Conduct.

Make a referral of an incident here

If you have further questions or need more information, please contact the Office of University Judicial Affairs at (513) 556-6814 or stop by:

Steger Student Life Center Suite 745
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0193

Academic Misconduct

Each Academic College has appointed a College Conduct Administrator. All instances of alleged misconduct shall be reported to the Director of University Judicial Affairs, the college or the University College Conduct Administrator, without unnecessary delay from the date of the discovery of the alleged offense.


College Contact
Arts and Sciences Carol Tonge Mack
CCM Terrell Finney
Education College Regina Sapona & Richard Stackpole
Engineering Mark Bowers
Social Work  
CoB Jennifer Wiswell
DAAP Amberly Maryo
Law Nancy Oliver
Pharmacy Andrea Wall
Medicine Kathy Robins
RWC Greg Metz
Nursing Krista Maddox
Allied Health Sciences Sherry Spokas
Clermont Jennifer Radt



Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Students may also download a draft copy of OHIO REVISED CODE SECTION 3333.38 (5k). Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.


*Law and Medical students are subject to their respective Honor Codes. Law and Medical students shall be covered by the appeal process of this code.

The Student Code of Conduct is subject to periodic review and revision.

Approved June 27, 1989 Board of Trustees, University of Cincinnati
Revised January 1, 1994 President, University of Cincinnati
Published by the Division of Student Affairs and Services

Reference University Rule 3361:40-5-05, located in the Langsam Library, Board of Trustees Office, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services and college Deans' offices