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Keeping up with the PACE: Personal Accountability Within Community Expectations

The Keeping up with the PACE workshop is a two-hour session designed to educate students about the expectations of the University of Cincinnati. The course allows students to reflect on the concept of living by a code of behavior. Throughout the workshop, students are challenged to reflect on their own personal code, to consider the university’s code and to find ways to make these codes work by acknowledging that at times there will be a conflict between the two. The ultimate goal of the workshop is for students to walk away understanding that a code is pivotal to attending a healthy, supportive and viable living community for their academic endeavors and to discuss how their individual actions impact the university community.

Ethical Decision Making Workshop

The Office of Judicial Affairs offers a discussion-based workshop in Ethical Decision Making focusing on the fundamentals of ethics vs. morals, ethics in the media and practical application of ethical principles in everyday situations. The workshop encourages student participants to explore how character and integrity are developed and how these concepts are reflected in society's values through the use of TV and movie clips, current events and discussion. The goal of the workshop is to help students reflect on their character and how making sound ethical decisions can influence family, friends, community and society to do the same.

Online Social Networking Responsibility

This workshop discusses the world of online social networking and the effects your online persona can have on your future career and personal goals. Websites like Facebook and MySpace are being used more frequently by college personnel and employers to screen for campus leadership positions or employment opportunities. Would you want your parents to see your profile? Your boss? Your Professor? You are what you post! Contact Ericka Duckworth-Harrison to schedule this workshop for your campus group or classroom. 

Alcohol Skills Education Program (ASEP)

This workshop, facilitated by University Judicial Affairs and the Wellness Center, is designed to educate students on the health risks associated with use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. Through interactive discussion, students learn responsible drinking habits and an educational approach to assessing and evaluating drinking patterns. We also discuss media influences on alcohol use among college students, particularly how Facebook and MySpace profiles can negatively impact future opportunities. Contact Regan Johnson to schedule ASEP for your campus group or classroom.

Catch the Party Buzz

Using demonstrations, media clips and skits, the Catch the Party Buzz peer facilitators present an entertaining look at some of the issues faced by first-year college students, including alcohol use, campus safety, sexual assault and media influences on hehavior. This program was developed in collaboration with the Wellness Center and the Women's Center, with support from Residence Education and Development, UCPD, UC Parent's Fund and UC Mainstreet.

Alcohol 101 Plus

This interactive program is designed to educate students to make responsible decisions about their use or non-use of alcohol. It presents a variety of real-life situations using video clips that require students to evaluate options and choose a course of action, then shows the consequences of that decision and the alternative. The program also contains a number of interactive educational games, information centers and links to outside resources. Topics include alcohol poisoning, sexual assault, student athletes and alcohol, Greek life, first-year residence hall experiences, alcohol and the body and more. 

Alcohol 101 Plus is available online free of charge. Contact Ericak Duckworth-Harrison for more information on facilitating a guided discussion.


Don’t Cancel Class Campaign

This workshop is design as a resource for faculty who are unable to facilitate class. Contact the Office of Judicial Affairs to serve as a substitute to facilitate an interactive discussion addressing issues such as academic dishonesty, plagiarism, personal integrity, and community accountability.

"Deep Thoughts" Newsletter

Our newsletter focuses on different character qualities and promotes healthly dialogue around building and shaping values, campus and community events, volunteer opportunities and world news. Each story has a particular relevance to the theme of the month, and students are encouraged to share ideas via the newsletter listserv. If you would like to contribute a story, event or other news to an upcoming edition of the newsletter, please e-mail Ericka Duckworth-Harrison or call 513-556-6814. For more information on character education, visit the Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Newsletter Topics

October Responsibility - "Knowing and doing what is expected of me."
November Honesty - "Communicating and acting with truthfulness and fairness."
December Equality - "A right of every citizen to the protection and benefits of society."
January Civility - "Cultivating personal habits that are important for the success of the community."
February Justice - "Taking personal responsibility to uphold what is pure, right, and true."
March Integrity - "The quality of a person's character."
April Caring - "Investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others."
May Character - "The culmination of a person's values and action."
June Values wrap-up