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Semester Conversion

current students

UC transitions from quarters to semesters in 2012.

If you graduate before Fall 2012, you will not be affected by the calendar change. If you begin your studies on the quarter calendar and do not graduate before Fall 2012, you will be affected by the change and will be considered a "semester transition student."

Keep in mind that you are actually quite accustomed to a semester calendar. If you've been to high school, you've gone to school in a semester calendar.

Learn more about the semester conversion process here. If you cannot find an answer to your question, contact your academic advisor, the director of your program or use the Ask a question feature. When submitting a query using this form, you must provide contact information in order to receive a response.

Get Ready

  • Have you been notified by your advisor (via e-mail alert to your UC e-mail account) that your IAP is ready for review? Then, go to
    • Select "My IAP"
    • At the bottom of the page, click "Login to MY IAP" and approve it!

More Semester Conversion Information

Medical students.

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Resources for Current Students

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