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Semester Conversion

Appeal Form

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Student Semester Conversion Appeal


Student’s Name: _______________________________________________________________________

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Student ID Number: ____________________________________________________________________

Academic College/Program: _______________________________ today’s Date: __________________

Date Individual Academic Plan/Degree Progress Audit Received: _____________________

Name of Academic Advisor: _____________________________ Meeting Date: _____________




Preliminary to Appeal


Appeal to College

• On a separate page, please provide the Council with the steps you have completed to rectify the complaint within your home college.  Please provide all documentation regarding the college processes and appropriate outcome documents. Insufficient documentation or evidence of review by the student’s home college will result in the appeal being referred back to the college.



Appeal to the Council for Semester Conversion Appeals


I am appealing to the Semester Conversion Council a breach of the University of Cincinnati Pledge to Students based upon: (required)

                ____     Loss of academic progress

                ____     Delay to degree completion

                ____     Increased costs for degree completion


• On a separate page, please provide a description of your reason(s) for requesting an appeal as well as how the issue can be remedied.   Also please attach a copy of your Individual Academic Plan/Degree Progress Audit.







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Student Signature* Date

*My signature confirms that all information provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my ability to provide it.



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