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Semester Conversion Appeals


This policy is designed in recognition to the semester conversion Pledge to undergraduate and graduate students as outlined on the University of Cincinnati’s semester conversion website located at: .   


This document describes the appeal process for students regarding the commitment to the three main components of the pledge.  Those are:

No loss of academic progress

Students who work with a designated advisor to form an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) and then follow that plan will not lose earned credit as a result of the semester conversion. The earned quarter hours will be converted to semester hours based on the following formula:

Number of quarter-credit hours x 2/3 = Number of semester-credit hours
Example: 90 quarter-credit hours x 2/3 = 60 semester-credit hours

Applicable credit hours will be counted toward fulfilling degree requirements. For students enrolled before fall semester 2012, old and new catalog requirements will be merged to ensure progress toward degree. Combination will vary depending upon percentage of degree completion at the time of semester conversion. Students, again, must meet with their academic advisors to determine their Individual Advising Plans (IAP).

No delay to degree completion

This pledge ensures that students who are on track to complete their degrees at the time of conversion and who maintain a consistent rate of credit accumulation after semester conversion will not experience an extension of the time-to-degree completion. The university cannot be held responsible, however, for personal choices such as decisions to change to part-time status, to “stop-out,” or to deviate from the agreed-upon Individual Advising Plan (IAP).

No increased costs for degree completion

Student tuition and fees under the semester system will not be greater than they would be under the quarter system for a two-semester academic year. The total full-time cost of two semesters equals the full-time cost of three quarters. In addition, the total tuition and fees cost over the length of the degree program (based on two semesters per academic year) will be the same for students following an approved IAP under the semester-calendar system as it would have been under the quarter-calendar system. Tuition and fees payment schedules will be aligned with the semester calendar. The university, however, may implement annual tuition increases as deemed necessary and authorized by the Board of Trustees.


The University of Cincinnati has a rich tradition of being sensitive to the needs and interests of its students.  This practice will continue to be observed in the process of converting the academic calendar from a quarter to a semester system. 


Council Purpose:

To insure that the intent and spirit of this commitment to students is met, a Council for Student Semester Conversion Appeals has been established with the purpose of resolving any undergraduate or graduate student complaints related to the publicized semester conversion pledge to students.  Please note this policy and committee does not replace the Undergraduate Student Grievance Policy and Procedures available for undergraduate students but rather provides specific focus to calendar conversion issues as they arise.


Council Composition:

The council is composed of 5 university representatives who will participate on this standing committee.  Committee members include:


1.       A designated faculty member from each college

2.       An academic advising/student services representative designated by college dean

3.       A member of the administrative team from the Provost’s Office that will serve as the Convener

4.       A student representative 

5.       A representative from the Bursar’s Office


Appeal Process:

The council will meet strictly on a per-case basis.  Students wishing to contest an issue related to the University’s semester conversion pledge to students must adhere to these processes.


1.       Informal College Level Appeal

a.         Before submitting a formal appeal, a student must first meet with his faculty/academic advisor. During this meeting, the student shall discuss the course(s) in question and the corresponding academic requirements for the applicable degree program, or how the semester conversion process has disadvantaged the student.  This advisor will outline for the student the appropriate college level mechanisms in place to address student appeals.

2.       Ombuds Mediation (voluntary)

a.        If the student’s concerns are not satisfactorily resolved in Step I, the student may request mediation by the University Ombuds Office.  The University Ombuds Office shall talk with the student and all other parties to the dispute either together or separately to attempt to reach a resolution agreeable to all parties.  No written records will be retained by the Ombuds Office.

3.       Council Appeal

a.        If the complaint is not resolved in Mediation (Step 2) or if the student chooses not to pursue Mediation, the student may submit an appeal to the Council for Student Semester Conversion Appeals for a final decision from the University of Cincinnati.  A written appeal may be filed with the Convener of the Council.  The student must state the issue, the steps previously taken to rectify the situation, and the student’s proposed resolution.  The student should also attach any pertinent information such as a Degree Audit, advising materials, or individual letters if applicable.  Insufficient documentation or evidence of review by the student’s home college will result in the appeal being referred back to the college.


The council will hold a review of the appeal with all council members present.  A final ruling on behalf of the university will be administered and will be enforced by all college offices. 


To print out Appeal forms only please use this link.



University of Cincinnati

Student Semester Conversion Appeal


Student’s Name: _______________________________________________________________________

(Please Print)

Student ID Number: ____________________________________________________________________

Academic College/Program: _______________________________ today’s Date: __________________

Date Individual Academic Plan/Degree Progress Audit Received: _____________________

Name of Academic Advisor: _____________________________ Meeting Date: _____________




Preliminary to Appeal


Appeal to College

• On a separate page, please provide the Council with the steps you have completed to rectify the complaint within your home college.  Please provide all documentation regarding the college processes and appropriate outcome documents. Insufficient documentation or evidence of review by the student’s home college will result in the appeal being referred back to the college.



Appeal to the Council for Semester Conversion Appeals


I am appealing to the Semester Conversion Council a breach of the University of Cincinnati Pledge to Students based upon: (required)

                ____     Loss of academic progress

                ____     Delay to degree completion

                ____     Increased costs for degree completion


• On a separate page, please provide a description of your reason(s) for requesting an appeal as well as how the issue can be remedied.   Also please attach a copy of your Individual Academic Plan/Degree Progress Audit.







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Student Signature* Date

*My signature confirms that all information provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my ability to provide it.



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