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Course Attributes

Course Attributes that will appear on your schedule and transcript

Laboratory Courses

The following suffixes denote laboratory classes, and will be affixed to the course number both on the Online Schedule of Classes and on the official academic record / transcript:  

  •  ā€œCā€ suffix a combined lecture/lab course (e.g., EXPL 3000C)                                                                                                    
  •  ā€œLā€ suffix  a standalone laboratory course (e.g., EXPL 3001L)

Note: an "L" laboratory course usually will be offered in conjunction with a lecture-based course of the same course number (e.g., EXPL 3001). A separate enrollment, drop or add action is required for each course.



Special Emphasis Courses

Certain courses may be authorized to be taught with a special emphasis. For such courses, the college offering the course may assign one to four of the following designating "attribute" codes to any class section of that course. The attribute codes identify that the particular class section of this course offers one or more specialized emphases, as follows:

  •  "H" = Honors
  •  "I" - International/education abroad
  •  "R" = Research
  •  "S" = Service-learning
  •  "T" = Transformational

Attribute codes will be found in the class section information on the Online Schedule of Classes and will be recorded on the official academic record / transcript.