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Semester Conversion

View Your Dual Grade Report

The quarter grade report.

Image of a current quarter-based online grade report.

All UC students can go online to check their grade reports. This grade report function, available via UC’s OneStop, has always shown a student’s progress in terms of quarter-hour credits earned.

Now, this grade report tool shows a dual grade report: a student's earned quarter-hour credits and the semester-hour equivalents of these quarter-hour credits. When viewing their current online grade reports, students can – with a click – view the current grade report as if it were an online grade report from after Aug. 27, 2012.

Said University Registrar Doug Burgess, “The added information helps students see how quarter hours and the associated quality points will look like under the semester system. However, no grade transcripts will include the semester-hour information until after Aug. 27, 2012. So, in other words, students are seeing what their grade reports will look like for courses taken after Aug. 27, 2012. It won’t affect transcripts or grade reports until we reach that date and for courses taken after that date.”

Semester grade report.

Image of a semester-based online grade report.

The new option will allow students to see for themselves that

  • Conversion will NOT affect a student’s grade point average. A student’s grade point average under semesters will be identical to the GPA under quarters.

  • Students will NOT lose academic credit in the conversion to semesters. Credits are merely counted differently in semesters vs. quarters. Basically, both credits earned and credits necessary to meet degree requirements under semesters are about 2/3 of what they would be under quarters. So, a degree under the quarter system that requires 185 credits to graduate will generally require 120 total credits under semesters. See academic credit FAQ for more information.

Semester-based grade reports will be in use after Aug. 27, 2012.

To see your dual grade report, view your grades at One Stop

This content was originally published as part of "Semester Conversion Update: Preparations Underway to Augment Student Advising"