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Semester Conversion

ACC Review of Semester Degree Programs

The Academic Coordinating Committee (ACC) serves as a university-level governance committee charged to generate and to review newly-proposed policies, procedures and programs that bear on the University’s teaching, research and service missions. The ACC will review and approve semester programs on eCurriculum using the guidelines provided on this page.

ACC Instructions for using eCurriculum DOC

All Degree Programs:
  1. Student Learning outcomes are clear and appropriate
  2. Justification is provided for credit hour requirements exceeding the minimum (Associate – 60; Bachelors – 120; MA – 30; Doctorate – 60)
  3. Evidence of college-level review is provided
  4. Delivery mode is noted – on campus, DL, etc.
Undergraduate Degree Programs:
  1. Distribution of credit hours among GenEd/college requirements/major/electives is appropriate
  2. Program includes the required Gen Ed components
  3. BoK courses, FYE, Mid-Collegiate Experiences; Mid-Collegiate Methodology Course; Capstone Program demonstrates a structure designed to achieve and assess the 4 GenEd baccalaureate competencies
  4. Program provides appropriate opportunities for writing
  5. Program provides appropriate opportunities for experiential learning
Graduate Degree Programs:
  1. The program provides appropriate support for thesis and dissertation preparation
  2. If applicable, the program provides appropriate support for graduate students to become effective graduate student teachers
Professional Programs:
  1. The curricular structure is appropriate
General Considerations:
  1. Several comment boxes are provided throughout the program (P-1)   for ACC comments
  2. All courses in the P-1 must exist at minimum, in draf form.  For example, if a "future course" is described, this is not acceptable
  3. Program learning outcomes between associate and baccalaureate degrees should be complimentary
  4. Individual P-1's should NOT be submitted or approved for a "track of a program." (For example, Pre-Business Northern Kentucky)
Action (to be taken in eCurriculum system):

If edits are needed, specify what is needed in the ACC comment boxes; select 'request changes;'  P-1 will route to the associate dean; after edits, P-1 will route back to ACC for another review

If P-1 is approved, select submit;  P-1 will route to the Provost Office to hold before uploading to UniverSIS