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Course Approval Criteria for Evaluation

Note: Developed by A&S and suggested as a guide.

Category Problematic Questions Raised Satisfactory Excellent
Description Vague or incomplete Description confusing or does not adequately distinguish from another course Adequate description; appropriate for course descriptions publication Well written and inviting for students
Learning Outcomes Missing, or unrelated/ inappropriate to course description Outcomes unclear or seem incomplete Outcomes clearly written and compatible with course description SLOs are observable, measurable and useful to students and instructors
Selected BoK designation appropriate Description offers no support for BoK designation as defined (if outside of natural disciplines) Description provides incomplete support for BoK designation as defined (if outside of natural disciplines); more info needed BoK code a natural choice for department, or course description provides adequate justification according to the definition of the selected code Course description clearly supports designation
Requested Interdisciplinary designation appropriate (A&S only) Description does not support designation as interdisciplinary Decription provides incomplete support for interdisciplinary designation Course is clearly interdisciplinary; description indicates a synthesis of material and analysis from across the disciplines Course description and learning outcomes clearly support the interdisciplinary designation
Relationship to other courses Course apparently duplicates another or not at all differentiated as part of a sequence Course not well differentiated from others; cross-listing may be appropriate, but not set up No questions about course content or relationship to others Course's relationship to others is clearly spelled out in the description
Complete Information Form incomplete or answers seem incongruent to course Form complete but some responses raise questions about accuracy of information Form is complete and responses seem appropriate All questions answered, including baccalaureate competencies, course genealogy, etc. to give complete picture of role of course in the curriculum
Title or course number Misleading title, or inappropriate number used Uninformative or confusing title, or questions about number Title and course number accurate and appropriate Course title is informative and reflects content well


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