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General Guidelines for Foundation Courses

Overall definition: A foundation course should be viewed as either a GenEd BoK; an introduction to a field, discipline, or profession; an introduction to college; or a course with a Transfer Assurance Guideline (TAG) or one that is part of the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM).

  • Entry-level courses and course sequences should be assigned the "lowest" course numbers, with the “higher” numbers going to more rigorous courses and course sequences.
  • Any course appropriate for students to take to satisfy a General Education BoK designation should typically be considered a foundation course and designed for the freshman and/or sophomore levels and carry a course number in the ranges of 1000 and 2000. Some 3000-level courses will still qualify for BoK status, but those should be exceptions.
  • Such a course could be introductory, but should also be appropriate as a "complete" introduction to a field, one that could be the only course that students take in a particular discipline.
  • Foundation courses that satisfy Gen Ed BoK requirements should be of general value and interest and might be ones that programs recommend to their students on a routine basis.
  • Introductory courses that currently exist at the 300 level but are intended ideally for students in their second year, should probably be given a 2000-level number for semester purposes.

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