Semester ConversionSemester ConversionUniversity of Cincinnati

Semester Conversion

Semester Conversion Subcommittees

Curriculum Design and Course Revision

Gigi Escoe, Co-Chair
Bob Zierolf, Co-Chair

Pamela Baker, CET&L
Adrian Hall, Provost Office
Wayne Hall, Provost Office
Wendy Lambing/Fran Meyer, Registrar
Darnice Langford, Professional Practice
Adrianne Lane, Faculty Senate
Robin Lightner, RWC
Ellen Lynch, CECH
Joyce Malek, A&S
Marlene Miner, RWC
Joanna Mitro, A&S
Karen Monzel Hughes, DAAP
Pam Person, FYE & LC
Stacey Ritter, Provost Office
Joe Scanio, Physics, A&S
Catherine Strathern, Faculty Senate 

Advising Implementation

Bruce Ault, Co-Chair
Caroline Miller, Co-Chair

Theresa Aberle, Career Services
Linda Arnest, Student Affairs & Admissions
Suzette Combs, PPAC
Ned Donnelly, Advising Resources & Bridge to Communications Committee
Terrell Finney, CCM
Mary Fox, Faculty Senate
Marla Hall, ACC, Faculty Senate
Ryan Hall, Clermont College
Laura Hildreth, Medicine
Anne Hoehn, Applied Science & Engineering Merger
Bob Howell, Program Encoding
Debra Merchant, Student Services
Amberly Miller, DAAP
Tim Oliver, Undergraduate Student
Aaron Price, Nursing
Mike Rosenberg, Allied Health
Rick Stackpole, CECH
Tara Stopfel Warden, A&S and CES Advising
Ken Stratman, One Stop
Kyle Sutton, Undergraduate Student
Andrea Wall, Pharmacy
M.J. Weintraub, RWC
Jenn Wiswell, College of Business

Policies and Procedures

Wendy Lambing, Co-Chair
Adrianne Lane, Co-Chair

Mark Bowers, College of Engineering
Jill Collet, Faculty Senate Rep
Cecily Goode, One-Stop Student Service Center
Jean Griffin, University Ombuds
Cindy Hedrick, Office of the Bursar
Leigh Jackson, Financial Aid
Krista Maddox, College of Nursing
Fran Meyer, Office of the Registrar
Rich Robles, University Honors Program
Charles Scruggs, Pre-Professional Advising
Michael Southern, Academic Excellence and Support Services
Tina Whalen, ACC

System Repopulation and IT

Doug Burgess, Co-Chair
Pat Krekeler, Co-Chair

Linda Arnest, Student Affairs & Admissions
Sue Barnett
Ann Behbehani
Diana Boone, Graduate School
Barb Combess, UCIT, UniverSIS, Financier
Jane Combs, UCIT
Ann Creekmore
Eric Deeds
Anna Dill-Hartford
Rikard Dolezal
Ned Donnelly
Bill Fant, College of Pharmacy (ACC member)
Julie Glassmeyer
Cecily Goode, One Stop
Paul Foster, UCIT, Blackboard
Treva Hanseman
Arlene Hawes
Bob Howell, Program Encoding
Wendy Lambing, Registrar Office
Jim Longano
Anthony Luongo
Shawn McCollum
Mary Meng
Fran Meyer, Registrar Office
Bob Miller, UCIT/Student Affairs, UniverSIS
Dan Milz, Faculty Senate rep
Dana Pawlowitz
Susan Riley, Clermont College
Mary Quinn
Phil Rawlinson
Phil Robchewski
Paul Schmidt, UCIT
Steve Sharpshair
Roger Siebenthaler
Chris Shaw, UCIT
Dave Stricker, UCIT
Neal Stark, Institutional Research
Bev Upton, UCIT, Darwin
Ken Wolterman
Mark Young
Maria Younghans, UCIT


M.B. Reilly, University Communications, Chair

Cheryl Cates, Professional Practice
Ned Donnelly, Registrar’s Office, also on Advising Implementation subcommittee
Anthony Ficarra, College of Medicine, Faculty Senate representative
Cecily Goode, OneStop Center
Diana Hechavarria, ACC member/graduate student representative
Krista Maddox, College of Nursing, also on Policies and Procedures subcommittee
Kerry Overstake, Enrollment Management, Admissions
Bob Zierolf, Graduate School, also on Curriculum Design/Course Revision subcommittee

Faculty Affairs

John Bryan, Co-Chair
Faculty member, Co-Chair

Frank Wray, Faculty Senate rep
Lynn Davis, RWC, ACC
Others to be announced


Robin Martin, Co-Chair

Allen Arthur, ACC
Darlene Bunton, Public Safety
Tom Canepa, Enrollment Management
Bryan Crase, Campus Services
Ray Dobson, CCM
Todd Duncan, Housing & Food Services, Campus Services
Linda Gindele, Bookstore
William Johnson, HR-Labor Relations
Steve McConnell, Budget Planning
Pallavi Patel, Campus Services
Rose Smith, Faculty Senate rep
Rick Wiggins, Facilities Management


Carol Metzger, co-chair                                                                                                                                                                                                              Karen  Losekamp, co-chair



Jan Diegmueller, Finance Budget Management
Ken, Wolterman, Bursar
Neal Stark, Institutional Research
Tim Schraffenberger, CEAS-Business Affairs
Gene Kramer, Administrative Services
Ruth Ross, Financial Svcs-Controller Ofc
Connie Williams, Director, Enrollment Mgmt-Stu Fincl Aid
Doug Burgess, Registrar’s Office, Asst Vice President
Deborah Degroot-Oswald
Fred Beckett, Treasurer Ofc-Payroll
Glenn Milius, MED-Operations &Finance