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Cross College Agreements (CC-1) FAQ

A female professor lectures about paintings.
Can I add a cross college agreement (CC-1) after the course (C-1) has been entered into eCurriculum?

If a C-1 is in the course submitter stage, the submitter can go to “add cross college agreement” and enter the CC-1 information. The system will prompt with questions about the C-1 which will end up “linking” the CC-1 and the C-1 together.

If a C-1 is in another approval stage, that “approver” (such as Program Director, Unit Head, Dean) should go to "view my courses," select the C-1 course, select “request modifications,” and write a comment such as “rerouting course to faculty submitter for CC-1 creation.” The faculty submitter can then “add cross college agreement” similar to the paragraph above.

Help! I can't seem to edit my cross college CC-1 agreement.

To edit the CC-1 (when there is a C-1 "attached" to it), the submitter should look up the C-1 first. At the bottom of the C-1 page, you will see where the course is in the approval process. For example, if you find the C-1 is at the Program Director level, that Program Director will need to select the C-1 is his/her "my courses" and "request modification" with a comment inserted such as "sending course back to submitter to edit the cross college agreement (CC-1)."

When this is completed, the faculty who submitted the course can select "my cross college agreements," open up the course, edit the CC-1, select submit, and the CC-1 will go to the Associate Dean(s) to approve the CC-1.

How does the Cross College Agreement (CC-1) review process work in the eCurriculum system?

All faculties have been entered into the Cross College eCurriculum system and have permission to enter and submit a CC-1 Agreement. Only the orginating faculty member can edit the Agreement.

All faculties can view all Cross College agreements.

Associate Deans are set up as User Managers and can add users (such as staff), delete users or change user permissions.

As faculty enter a Cross College Agreement, their name will appear on the user list (viewed by the User Manager function).

Associate Deans are set up to review Cross College Agreements. The Agreement will need to be reviewed by all colleges and faculties teaching the course. When the Associate Dean clicks the button "I have Reviewed this Agreement," they will be returned to their "My Cross College Agreements" page.

Associate Deans may add additional Cross College reviewers by adding a user (they will need the username found in the Microsoft Outlook email address book) and adding "Cross College Reviewer" to the user's list of permissions.

If there are concerns about an Agreement, please contact the originating unit. If the concern is not resolved, please contact the Provost Office at or 513-556-0026.

Can I delete a course (C-1) and a cross college agreement (CC-1) that have been submitted?

Courses (C-1) can be deleted by your Associate Dean's office only. The reason for this is that your course may be associated with a cross college (CC-1) agreement, other system interfaces, or prerequisite information.

To delete a CC-1 that has a course (C-1), the stage in the C-1 approval process is the key to getting this done. The C-1 must be in the "course submitter" stage before the CC-1 can be deleted. For example, if the C-1 is in the Program Director approval stage, the Program Director can go to "view my courses (C-1)," select the course, select "request modification," and insert a comment such as "sending course back to submitter to delete the CC-1 agreement." The course is then "free" for the CC-1 submitter to select "view my cross college agreements," select the course, and delete the CC-1 agreement. The corresponding C-1 will not be changed.

Can I work on my course (C-1) even though the cross college agreement (CC-1) is not complete?

It is best to first complete the CC-1 because its data (such as course description and student learning outcomes) will interface with your C-1 course. You can however, begin a draft copy of your C-1, and update it appropriately when the CC-1 is complete.