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eCurriculum Approval Process FAQ

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How will courses and programs be reviewed on eCurriculum?

The course and approval systems are not changing for semester conversion, although some colleges have identified expedited processes in the face of the large volume of courses going through the system. Each college's dean's office will establish the "user permissions" for their approval structure. In general, the eCurriculum system will route course for approval as follows:

Courses will proceed from a faculty submitter to the program director, then to the unit head, then to all "offering" college curriculum committees, and then to the dean's office. Once a course is approved by the college, graduate courses will be forwarded to the Graduate Council (as is currently the case). The final approval is from the Provost Office, which will review and verify that a course is appropriate to a college’s mission.

Programs should be submitted by program directors. They will then be routed to the unit head, through college approval bodies (if they exist), and then to the dean’s office. Once approved by the college, graduate programs will be forwarded to the Graduate Council (as is currently the case). The final approval for programs will come from the Academic Coordinating Committee.

Course Approval Flowchart

Course Submitter

Program Director (optional; if no program director is in eCurriculum, the C-1 will move to the next step)

Unit Head

Curriculum Committee (only one member is needed to approve the course)

Dean’s Office

Unit Head and Dean Certification (a holistic review, of courses)

Graduate Council (for graduate courses)




How do I "reject" a course?

If you are a Program Director, Unit Head, or Associate Dean, you have 2 options. After selecting the course in "my courses," you can choose to edit the course yourself (such as minor typos, etc.) or you can select "request modification" and enter a comment (required) such as "sending course back for needed edits regarding the student learning outcomes." And, as with any complex process, picking up the phone and discussing the needed edits can be helpful.

How will course attributes be routed for review/approval?

When a faculty member indicates a section attribute to be permitted for a course, eCurriculum will send a draft of the C-1 form to the relevant office /faculty committee (such as Service Learning). These offices will follow up with submitting units as needed. The C-1 approval process does not include approval by the Honors Council, Service Learning Council, UC International, or the Undergraduate Research Council.

When a Program Director (or any other unit or office) is reviewing a C-1 course, how will they know who submitted the course?

A link to the submitter’s email will appear in the upper right corner of the “Add Course C-1” page.

In the C-1 review/approval routing system, how will each “level” (faculty, Program Director, Unit Head, etc.) know that they have a course to review?

UCit has developed an automated email system, so the appropriate person in each level will receive an email and a link to the course that needs reviewing. If there is no response, the person will get a reminder in 10 days.

If my Unit Head or Associate Dean “rejects” my course submission, how will I know?

The course submitter will receive an automated email from eCurriculum when your course is both approved and/or rejected.