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Home Unit Definition FAQ

How is the “Home Unit” defined?

The home-unit determination defaults to the baccalaureate or graduate unit offering the degree in that discipline. (At this time, and with only one exception, that is an Uptown campus unit.) That unit is responsible for the oversight of the discipline code and for managing the full inventory of courses taught across the university with that discipline code.

Being designated as the home unit does not empower the home unit with veto authority or exclusive control over courses in that discipline; instead, the home unit is responsible for convening and collaborating with faculty representative from all units teaching in the relative discipline. For example, developmental English may or may not be taught on the Uptown campus, but it will still fall under “A&S English” since it has ENGL for a discipline code. Therefore, A&S English would convene and collaborate with the English faculty responsible for teaching developmental English in other colleges. Similarly, a music course taught only at the regional campuses will have CCM as the home unit, but CCM must coordinate reviews of that course with the faculty who teach it.

Who is the home unit when no Uptown campus college has the discipline?

The regional campus would be the home unit in this case. If both regional campuses offer the discipline, the deans’ offices of the two campuses will need to make a determination of home-unit status and will work together to determine which courses should be created in eCurriculum. As with all curricular matters, the faculty of the relevant discipline must participate in making that determination.

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