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Program (P-1) FAQ

In the "Required Courses" section of the P-1, I need some clarification of the terms "minimum grade, semester, year, and repeatable/maximum hours. What do they mean?

Here is a picture of the section in the P-1. Descriptions of the information needed are provided below.

The required courses section of the P-1 form.
  • Minimum Grade: Minimum grade student must achieve in order for course to apply toward the completion of their degree program.

  • Semester: The semester and year are suggested only. This information will be used to populate the Program Guide on the UC website and DARS Degree Audits to assist academic advisors and students with general information about the program.

  • Repeatable/Maximum Hours: Is this course repeatable for credit? If yes, give the maximum number of hours allowed (up to 99 hours).