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UC Corrections Institute

Our mission is to develop, disseminate, and implement evidence-based practices in corrections.


Work with Us

Our work impacts corrections agencies and organizations far and wide. From California to Maine, we have conducted and implemented research in all 50 states. Our work also spans international borders to Scotland, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Serving both for pofit and non-profit agencies, UCCI provides services for federal, state, local, and international governments as well as professional organizations to promote effective interventions for adult and juvenile offenders.

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Our Services

Learn more about our services, which include distance learning modules, staff training, redesign and technical assistance, program evaluation, research and development, and treatment curricula.


In the News

Congratulations to UCCI Graduate Assistance Gina Gibbs for her press recognition of work in the area of transgender research!

"UC Research Examines an Emerging Issue: Treatment of Transgender Prison Populations"