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Meet our UCCI Staff!

UCCI has a richly experienced, talented, and well-known team of researchers and practitioners from across the United States. Each member has a defined role within the Corrections Institute, and staff researchers serve as point of contact for UC-specific curriculum, assessments and evaluations.

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Meet our UCCI Faculty!

The faculty in the UC School of Criminal Justice have a rich history of partnering with corrections agencies from across the world. These faculty specialize in various areas of the field and offer their expertise to inform and advance UCCI practices.  

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Meet our UCCI Fellows!

The UCCI team extends further into institutional research through individual partnerships with fellows who aid in our mission to develop, disseminate, and implement Evidence Based Practices.

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Our UCCI Contract Trainers!

Our training capacity is greatly based on a team of dedicated contractors who work for the UCCI. These freelancers are not only well versed in their specific offerings, but also have proven a knowledge base critical for what UCCI works toward with evidence-based practices. Below are some of our contract workers:

Daniel Aning

Stephanie Ahles

Dionne Addison

Valerie Bell

Jay Bergmann

Mandy Bley

Sarah Boettner

Jamie Bonecutter

Peg Bryan 

Lacey Carter

Jennifer Cermak

Nellie Chancey

Michael Collins

Kristy Danford

Tammy Dean

Anthony Flores

Krista Gehring 

Kay Heinrich

Kristi Holsinger

Charlie Hughes

Rocci Jackson

Elizabeth Jewel

Susan Jones

Brandy Kennedy

Jessica Knoll

Jaqueline McCall

David Malinowski

Betsy Matthews

Christine Morsman

Meghan Novisky

Robert Oliver

Leah Rogalski-Davis

Yvette Salinas

Megan Schrantz

Patrick Schreiner

Kevin Smith

Stephanie Starr

Juliana Taymans

Julie Trisko

Kristy Warren

Jessica Warner

Karianne Wolfer

Jayne Young