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Distance Learning Courses

Assessing and Addressing Specific Responsivity Factors

Authored by Patricia Van Voorhis, Ph.D.
Characteristics of offenders may impact the way they respond to a treatment or intervention. Review offender characteristics that impact ability to succeed. Learn tools to assess responsivity factors. Develop skills to apply responsivity principles to improve program intervention outcomes.

This online training module takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Evaluation and Planning

Authored by Patricia Van Voorhis, Ph.D.
Learn how to develop a sound plan for the implementation of an evidence-based program  one which follows principles of effective intervention. Review procedures and tools for developing an evaluation and performance measures that fit the plan.

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Interventions

Authored by UCCI Associates
Review the theories and techniques associated with cognitive behavioral interventions (CBI) and learn to develop programs and curriculum that are truly cognitive behavioral. Develop theoretical foundations of CBI and gain tools and techniques required in CBI. Differentiate effective/ineffective correctional programming.

This online training module takes approximately 70 minutes to complete.

Offender Classification and Risk/Need Assessment

Authored by Christopher Lowenkamp, Ph.D.
Learn risk and need factors, assessment instruments, and effective case plan development. Understand the history and importance of assessment as the cornerstone of intervention.

This online training module takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Program Implementation

Authored by Paula Smith, Ph.D.
Review the importance of implementation and technology transfer in “real world” correctional settings. Learn to identify and overcome obstacles to effective implementation.

This online training module takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Treating Substance Abuse in Offender Populations

Authored by George Parks, Ph.D.
Develop an understanding of the theoretical basis for substance abuse treatment with offenders. Learn core methods involved in substance abuse treatment with a focus on cognitive behavior all interventions and relapse prevention.

What Works in Community Supervision: Reducing Recidivism

Authored by Ed Latessa, Ph.D.
Review the characteristics of effective correctional interventions and how to apply this knowledge to your correctional program. Review latest research and correlates of criminal conduct. Learn the risk, need, responsivity, and treatment principles as well as the utility of cognitive behavioral interventions.

This online training module takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Working with Special Populations: Female Offenders

Authored by Kristi Holsinger, Ph.D.
Consider theories and practices that have shaped the treatment of women in the criminal justice system. Examine recent theoretical development and explore how this new research could shape more effective responses to females in the criminal and juvenile justice systems.

Working with Special Populations: Youthful Offenders

Authored by Alan W. Leschied, Ph.D., C. Psych
Gain an overview of the juvenile justice system and its approach to the management of youth. Understand ways to assess needs and develop effective interventions for youth and their families. Learn current approaches to prevent delinquency. Discuss future directions in youth justice.