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Counseling & Psychological Services

CAPS Mission and Vision


A.   Mission of UC Counseling and Psychological Services (UC CAPS):


UC CAPS achieves excellence through a community-based, integrated care approach to psychological services and training that creates an optimal healthy environment for students to grow psychologically, spiritually, and intellectually, as well as achieve wellness and academic success.  We seek to encourage holistic well-being through psycho-education, community outreach & consultation, and direct clinical services.  UC CAPS is committed to personal growth, human development, and promoting understanding and respect for individual, cultural, and role differences.


B.    Vision of UC Counseling and Psychological Services (UC CAPS):


1.      UC CAPS is committed to the education of the whole student, and we strive to overcome barriers to student academic, personal, and professional success.


2.      UC CAPS values individual, cultural, and role differences with a commitment to human development.


3.      UC CAPS embraces changes and innovation in our clinical services, wellness services, outreach & consultation services, and evidence-based clinical practice.  We strive to train emerging mental health professionals to become ethically, culturally, and clinically competent clinicians. 


4.      UC CAPS values our many collaborative relationships with our campus partners.  We envision ourselves providing mental health and educational consultation at the university, national, and international levels.


5.      UC CAPS strives to create a safe environment for students of color and international students to achieve personal and professional success.


6.      UC CAPS strives to have a harmonious environment to foster diverse and multi-culturally competent professional staff members who respect different worldviews.  We aspire to develop a mindfulness-based approach and encourage personal and professional development of staff.