Bridget S. Hagood, PsyD

Bridget S. Hagood, PsyD

Assistant Director of Clinical Operations



B.A.  -  Loyola University, New Orleans, LA

Psy.D. -  Clinical Psychology, Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL

Internship -  Counseling and Psychological Services, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL


Professional Interest:

I have several years of experience in university counseling settings and am pleased to have recently joined the staff of UC CAPS. As the Assistant Director of Clinical Services, I strive to create an inviting, accessible space where students of all backgrounds, orientations, and abilities feel comfortable, welcomed, and valued. I am also invested in creating solid relationships throughout the campus community and believe that our best way of serving students is to do so through our collaborative efforts and expertise. I believe that the role of a university counseling center is pertinent to the health, wellness, and academic success of students. In addition to providing counseling and psychotherapy, I am dedicated to the provision of mental health education, crisis intervention/prevention, and consultation services to faculty, staff, and students.


Approach to Therapy:

When working with students in therapy, I adjust my approach to best fit their clinical needs, personality, and worldview. I focus on providing a nurturing environment where students feel respected, understood, and safe to explore their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. I assist students in developing insight, recognizing their inherent strengths, and developing coping skills.


I take a multicultural/feminist approach to relational, interpersonal, and cognitive behavioral approaches. I am dedicated to utilizing Empirically Supported Treatments and assisting our staff in maintaining up-to-date knowledge of the field so that we are providing the highest standards of care.


As a generalist, I am comfortable treating a range mental health issues. I work regularly with students experiencing common development and adjustment issues as well as more severe symptomology and distress. I am content in working within individual, group, and couples psychotherapy contexts. I work particularly well with mood disorders, anxiety, disordered eating, and interpersonal difficulties as well as issues associated with culture, gender, orientation, and veteran readjustment.


Approach to Wellness:

I recognize the mind-body connection and have studied and taught Mindfulness-Based-Stress Reduction for over ten years. In addition, I value bringing mindfulness and wellness into my personal life. I am pleased to serve on a multi-disciplinary team which works together to attend to the many facets of student health.


Approach to Supervision:

Supervisees describe feeling both supported and challenged in their work with me. Although I readily provide guidance as needed, I maintain a strong interest in my supervisees’ expertise and unique strengths. As a supervisor, I am highly interpersonal and focus on supporting my trainees as they strengthen self-awareness and find their own voice and authority. I believe strongly that this can only be done in an honest, safe, nurturing, and strength-based context, and I put forth great energy in creating an environment where trainees feel they can be both strong, opinionated, and uniquely themselves while also showing vulnerability and asking for help when needed.


Other Interests:

I am a licensed psychologist in Ohio.  I am also a member of the Association for the Coordination of Counseling Center Clinical Services (ACCCCS).