Mental Health Ambassadors

Mental Health Ambassadors


UC Student Government is seeking Mental Health Ambassadors.


As our university continues toward a third century of creating strong students and leaders, we feel that protecting and supporting student mental health is an integral part of the University of Cincinnati’s mission. The services offered by the Counseling and Psychological Services Office are of paramount importance to students in their academic, professional, and personal lives – especially with the stressors of college putting a strain on mental health more broadly.

As such, the Undergraduate Student Government hopes to create a program that can amplify the mission and voice of the CAPS Office, and can serve as an additional resource in a hopefully growing support system for students. This program, the Mental Health Ambassadors, will serve as a student extension of the CAPS Office, and can be focused specifically to the college level so that students in need may be best serviced.


Mental Health Ambassadors will serve in three roles:

  1. Connector: Ambassadors will connect students in need with the resources that they can take advantage of to help them through any times of difficulty. 
  2. Contact: Ambassadors will serve as a contact point for students dealing with mental health concerns. After going through training, Ambassadors will talk through concerns and problems that fellow students are facing and provide any insight gained from their own experience.
  3. Coordinator: Ambassadors will also serve to reduce stigma around mental health on campus by programming events that actively engage students in conversation centered on mental health.

We would appreciate if you could pass this opportunity along to your students who may have an interest in applying for this new initiative. Applications can be found here: ( and are due by October 4th.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


Thank you and best wishes,


Mohamed Elzarka

University of Cincinnati | Class of 2017

Director of Mental Health Services

Undergraduate Student Government