Outreach & Consultation

An integral part of services at CAPS is the provision of outreach programs and consultation assistance to the university community.   Through outreach and consultation we are able to go beyond the four walls of CAPS and provide community-based prevention services to students, staff, faculty, and family.  These services are designed to help the community gain a greater awareness of college mental health issues through prevention activities, educational programs, and one-on-one consultations with persons concerned about a student.   



Standard Presentations include:

  • Worry Control
  • Anger Management
  • CAPS Services
  • Authentic Happiness
  • Stress Management
  • Crisis Debriefing/Grief/Trauma
  • Identifying Students in Distress
  • Mindfullness Workshop
  • School, Work, Life Balance 



Additionally, workshops and programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of groups/units across campus, i.e. workshops on issues of diversity within units or factors that impact the mental health needs and functioning of at risk or targeted groups.  If you would like to request a workshop or presentation, please complete and submit the online CAPS Outreach Request form at least three weeks in advance of the presentation date.

CAPS also responds quickly to the needs of the campus community in the event a crisis or traumatic event occurs by meeting with groups of those affected and offering support and guidance.   


CAPS provides consultation to faculty, staff, family, and friends who are concerned about the well-being of students.  We have staff available who can discuss your concerns and provide guidance.  For additional information regarding these services, resources available for the student of concern, or how to express your concerns to the student, we invite you to our consultation services page. 


Outreach and Consultation includes developing relationships with academic departments and student affairs and services offices.  Our liaison staff provides assistance to departments/offices across campus designed to meet the psychological and developmental needs of students.  We value these relationships with our “campus partners.”  Offices and units we work with include College of Engineering, DAAP, CCM, College of Arts and Science, AACRC, and the Women’s Center, as well as other student service and academic offices.

Online Screening Tools

CAPS provides online screening for individuals who may be questioning their thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.  The screenings are available to students who may be experiencing feelings of sadness or worry, concerns about body image or alcohol use, or who have been impacted by a traumatic event.  At the conclusion of the screening there may be a recommendation to contact CAPS for a follow-up appointment.  Please be advised that these screenings do not determine if you have a mental health diagnosis, but they can help determine whether you would benefit from speaking with a counselor. To access the online screenings.


If you have further questions about these services, call our office at 513-556-0648 or e-mail Staff Psychologist, Elizabeth Williams, PsyD, at willi3e3@ucmail.uc.edu.