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2013 Spring Semester Therapy Groups






Mondays  2 – 3:30p                                                Hope and Healing Trauma Group                            

(trauma, grad and undergrad women)

For women who have experienced interpersonal trauma (sexual assault, dating violence, assault, etc.).  The group will provide a safe and empowering atmosphere for members to process their experiences, learn skills to help manage the effects of trauma, and reclaim their lives.


Mondays 2:30 – 4:00p                                           Growth and Connections Group                                                   

(general, graduate)

Discuss common stressors for graduate students or other non-traditional students, including anxiety, burn-out, loneliness, transitional issues, and feeling overwhelmed; focuses on balancing personal and family life.


Tuesdays  10 – 11:30a                                          Relieve Your Monkey Mind                           

(anxiety, grad and undergrad)

Learn to manage wandering or anxious thoughts.  Helps students to become aware of their thought patterns and processes by using deep breathing, stretching, and Buddhist meditation practices to reduce anxiety and increase focus.


Wednesdays  2:30-4:00p                                      “Living Free” Substance Abuse Group                  

(substance use, grad and undergrad)

Provides a positive, safe, supportive environment to learn to be free to make healthy choices about substance use.


Wednesdays  2:30 – 4:00p                                   Women for Women Group  (graduate)

Graduate women, including women of color, international women, and women who love women will explore family, relationships, intimacy, identity, depression, anxieties, conflicts, etc.      


Thursdays  2 - 3:30p                                             Understanding Self & Others (USO) Group     

(general, undergrad)

For undergraduates dealing with concerns that are common among college students, such as difficulty adjusting to college, stress, depression and/or anxiety, family problems, and relationships.