Intake Interview

This appointment (50 minutes) gives us the opportunity to learn about you and your concerns in more depth, and lets you learn about how we operate.  You will need to complete some paperwork prior to your appointment and read some important information; you can either download the forms from our website and complete them before you arrive, or come 15 minutes early and complete them in our office.  Please bring your insurance card as well so we can verify your coverage.  The interview covers a broad array of topics, including your present concerns and past experiences, so that we can make a recommendation to you regarding a course of action to address your needs.  This recommendation may include one or more of the following:  refer you for a physical medical workup; refer you to a community provider; refer you to one of our psychiatry residents for a psychiatric evaluation for possible medication treatment; or refer you to one of our groups as an adjunct treatment in addition to your individual therapy.

In some cases we may refer you to another professional setting.  We may do so if your situation requires specialized services (e.g. frequent or multiple appointments weekly; treatment for significant drug or alcohol abuse/dependence, a severe eating disorder; on-going social services) for which our treatment model is not the standard of care in our profession.  We do not provide treatment or assessments that are court ordered or otherwise required by the legal system.