Medication is an effective treatment for depression, mood swings, anxiety, sleep problems, attention deficit disorders and other conditions. It may be used alone or in combination with counseling. For many conditions, people benefit most when they receive both counseling and medication.

We have psychiatric residents available at CAPS to prescribe and monitor medication for our clients who are in active treatment with one of our counselors.  It is your choice whether to use medication.  If we believe medication may be helpful, we will refer you to one of our psychiatric residents for evaluation and medication management.  You will have follow-up sessions with the psychiatric resident in order to monitor your progress.  Since every person is different, it may take some time to know what the best regimen is for you.

The first appointment, psychiatric evaluation, is one hour in length.   Subsequent medication management appointments are a half hour.  Our psychiatric residents have limited time at CAPS. It is very important that you keep your scheduled appointments.
If you do not give us at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation, we must charge a $20 missed appointment fee.

To be eligible for our psychiatric services, you must also be seen in regular therapy sessions here.   

When you have reached your goals, a termination session is scheduled in order to discuss progress made and further areas you may wish to explore through other methods.  Your therapist will begin to talk with you about this termination at the appropriate time.  Please make every effort to attend this final stage of therapy, as it can be just as important to you as other sessions. Once you have ended your treatment it is possible that you may want to return to therapy in the future when you are experiencing similar symptoms or additional stresses.  This is a normal and positive response to having a satisfying therapeutic experience.