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Substance Use Pyscho-Educational Program

CAPS offers a two-part psycho-educational program about alcohol and other substance use.  Please note that this is a psycho-educational activity and not clinical assessment or treatment.   The program is for UC students only. Although any interested student may attend, this program is intended primarily for those who have been mandated by University Judicial Affairs at UC or a court system.  

Program Content

The first segment of the program consists of a private, individual interview and completion of a questionnaire and other materials for gathering information. This component focuses on screening and personalized feedback about a person’s self-reported substance use, related consequences and risks, daily psychological and social functioning, and recommendations for follow up including treatment when indicated. The second component consists of a discussion class that includes a brief video, review of the effects of substance use on the brain, and other topics to assist people in contemplating their use and change. Together, the components typically involve a total of 3 hours (1.5 hours each).


The program will often meet the requirements of University Judicial Affairs, Hamilton County Diversion Program, and programs from other court systems but students are responsible for checking with the referring organization to determine if this program satisfies the requirement. CAPS  provides the student with a single-page memorandum of recommendations for follow-up and a certificate of completion after participating fully in both components. The student may provide this information to others as needed.


There is a $155.00 charge for this program with no exceptions or refunds. All fees must be paid in full by cash before the beginning of the first component.  ATM machines are located on campus in Tangeman University Center.


The screening and personalized feedback component is scheduled for Mondays  from 9-10:30 am. The discussion class is scheduled for the third Thursday of every month from 3-4:30pm. Tardiness is considered an automatic failure and payment will not be refunded.


Students who are interested in participating in this program should call  CAPS and state clearly that they wish to enroll in the Substance Use Psycho-Educational Program. They will be given a tentative appointment time for the first component and information about the meeting time for the second component.  We are unable to tailor the scheduling to individuals